Our Environment

Platinum Press, as a UK based printer, understands and is totally committed to minimising our ecological and environmental impact, preserving and restoring our world's forests, preventing global warming and protecting plant, animal and human life. We believe that our responsibility for our carbon footprint ranges from how we manage our production facility, our logistics, to the suppliers and products we choose to present to our customers in order to be good stewards of all resources.

We work diligently to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and in respecting our invaluable natural resources.

Platinum Press is committed to:

  • minimal chemistry usage within the prepress and printing process and the use of eco-friendly inks
  • recycling chemistry (all chemicals are collected and either recycled or neutralised and disposed of via a registered company as per environmental controls)
  • recycling plates (all plates are stripped of their coating and both coating and base metal are recycled)
  • minimising energy consumption
  • recycling paper (all paper is sorted into white and printed and then recycled)
  • recycling general waste

Within our offices, albeit on a much smaller scale:

  • all our stationery is on recycled, environmentally friendly material
  • we reuse all printer paper by re-using the reverse of it prior to recycling
  • we recycle all printer toner cartridges
  • we ensure that all computers, printers, copiers and lights are switched off at night or when not being used and that all equipment operates on a time-out mode during the day
  • we have upgraded to energy saving bulbs and low wattage bulbs

Platinum Environmental Accreditation

In addition, it should be noted that Platinum Press is:

  • FSC® Certified
  • PEFC Accredited
  • Carbon Neutral

In summary, we strive to operating our facility efficiently, with an objective of constantly improving our processes for reducing waste and emissions to the environment, conserving energy and natural resources by maximising recycling and correct equipment maintenance.